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Glamping Camper Trip across Andalusia.

Glamping Camper Trip at Cabo de Gata (Andalucia)Within minutes of leaving the motorway, the peace and tranquillity of the semi-arid landscape embraced me. I pulled over by an historic, restored windmill, its simple white structure, with dark conical wooden roof and fragile looking sails provided some shade from the warmth of the Andalusian sun.

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A Family Experience on a Campervan.

I can rustle up a full English breakfast with a trangia. I know how to pack light and camp "wild". But now that I have children packing light is impossible, my camping list now includes sleep teddies, games, pillows, scooters... By the time we set off I'm exhausted and I can forget about seeing anything out the rear window of the car! The idea of a campervan has been slowly growing on me so when we came across Flamenco Campers I was really excited by the idea of being able to hire one, chuck everything in and hit the road.

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Camping in the Autumn Sun with Flamenco Campers

Camping in the Autumn Sun with Flamenco CampersIt is said that Flamenco is the sound of Andalucía: sometimes melancholy, sometimes joyful, but always soulful.

The same can be said of Flamenco Campers, Gonzalo, Carolina and Turko their Spanish Water Dog, who want you to catch the joyful spirit of Andalucía and flamenco in their campervans. And this is easy to do with their abundant guidance and advice on where to visit during your stay and the experiences you should immerse yourself in while you are there.

Their well-maintained vans always draw attention as they travel from campsites to towns, and are often commented on by name when they are recognised, which is surprisingly often. It certainly drew a crowd and sparked off some great conversations with strangers as we travelled.

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The Volkswagen California celebrates its 25 years for road trips and adventures.

100,000 Californias manufactured since 1988 have resulted to three generations of this famous camper.

Generations Volkswagen CaliforniaVolkswagen celebrated at Techno Classica 2013 (Essen, Germany) the 25th anniversary of the famous campervan Volkswagen California. Production figures of this vehicle were suitable for an anniversary: around 100,000 California vans have come off the assembly line over the past 25 years. At the stand of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles could see a small retrospective of the history of this classic vehicle. All started with the T3, followed by the T4 and today with the T5. Naturally, their ancestors, the T1 and T2 completed the presence of this legendary recreational vehicle in this showroom.


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